Monday, October 03, 2005

Seems SNL is on the Ball Again...

SNL Weekend Update:

Horatio Sanz: "While appearing before a Senate committee investigating the Katrina disaster, Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said, 'We are looking forward not backward,' at which point she was hit from behind by a hurricane. ... President Bush is a genius. Every time Bush screws up, he gets people off his back by doing something even more screwed up. I mean, I tried this Bush technique this past week and it was very useful. On Wednesday I showed up two hours late for rehearsal, so to distract people from that, I was also drunk. And then, when somebody asked me if I was drunk, I punched Rachel Dratch in the neck. When they were putting her in the ambulance I said, 'Hey everybody I'm gonna buy lunch!' And then I ordered 50 pizzas and left without paying" ("SNL," NBC, 10/1).

Amy Poehler: "In the wake of newly-alleged prisoner abuse this week, Senator John McCain said that continued mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is hurting the nation's image. Also hurting the nation's image: letting people drown when it rains" ("SNL," NBC, 10/1).

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