Thursday, October 13, 2005

Need a Little Work There in the Black Community

Bush isn't really building a bridge to the black community, is he? what's his approval rating among black folks?



Now, no one expects bush to do well among the black community, but 2 percent is unheard of. Something is wholly and fundamentally wrong with the leadership of this country when 98% of a race says you aren't doing a good job.

last year, the GOP admitted they have done a poor job in representing or appealing to the black community. they even admitted that it was, in part, the fault of their own actions. they've said they wanted to do better and got more voters than ever before from the black community. The problem came in delivering the goods. given the chance with Katrina, they didn't. this sort of thing will take years to overcome.

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pinky said...

2 percent!! WTF!! that's miniscule. i have more than 2 percent of people that like me and i'm not the president. wait, i think that's the point. blonde moment!!!

all i have to say is this: