Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Like Bush Because He's so Fiscally Conservative!

No longer just spending and spending and spending...

Here's a list of how much each two-term president increased spending going back forty years. (discretionary spending over five successive budgets, adjusted for inflation.):

Bush: 35.2%
LBJ: 25.2%
Reagan: 11.9%
Nixon: -16.5%
Clinton: -8.2%


pinky said...

well, the numbers speak for themselves. that is just sad.

Polly said...

I'm just glad bill clinton isn't up there spending up all our money like he always did!! look over there! is that a BEAR!!??!!
(*Dashes out of sight*)

pinky said...

*snort*, gag, giggle, wipe the coke spit off my face...proceed to giggle more.