Tuesday, December 09, 2003


On the way to Iraq, Airfoce One comes across a british airways jet that sees the President's plane.
The British Airways pilot (Dan Bartlett) radioed in:

'Did I just see Air Force One?,'
Air Force One pilot: 'Gulfstream 5.'
(longer pause) (the gulfstream is a much smaller plane)
British Airways pilot: 'Oh.'

see, he realized he was 'in' on the top secret flight of the president going somewhere ultra secret! neat huh?

well, too bad it didn't happen. seems british airways didn't have any planes contacting airforce one in flight.

SO THE WHITE HOUSE HAS TO CHANGE THEIR STORY--the pilot actually contacted the traffic control tower back in london. still cool though, huh?

NOPE, that was a LIE too!! British Airways confirms THAT never happened either.

so finally the white house comes clean, Scott McLellan explains:
"what we always try to do for you all in the press corps is to provide you a little color of important events, because we believe that's helpful to you for your stories, and to do your reporting to the American people."

UM...so you just LIE if it doesn't sound good enough? that it? glad we got that straight.

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