Sunday, December 21, 2003

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003)

OK. went to go see this on Thurs. at 9:30. evidently the local theatre has a problem where the e-tickets don't get deducted at the box office and they oversell. the midnight showing on tues. oversold by 600 tickets!

My showing oversold by about 25-30. of course no one tells us this until we get inside, get our food and walk to the door where a crowd is standing!. as it ends up, they give us 4 free passes, let us watch another movie until one of the theatres got free and let us watch another movie while we waited.

not bad.

saw SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE which wasn't too bad.

As for the Last Lord of the Rings. i thought it was very very good. i don't think it will sweep the oscars, but it was exciting and really nice to look at. one thing that stood out was the sound. OUTSTANDING! there is a creature in this movie who's cry/scream is supposed to strike fear in those that hear its, and you know...when it came on the screen i thought "jesus! that IS terrifying!" Go see it...however, i still pick Last Samurai as the best pic of the year.

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