Sunday, December 14, 2003

Natchez Sheriff--the end of a long line of racists gets a nice CL send up

The clarion ledger did this story about outgoing Natchez Sheriff William "Tommy" Ferrell, who followed his dad into office stretching the line into the 50s. Ferrell's father was one of the sheriffs from the 'bad ole days' when civil rights or the mention of it could get you killed. His father was one of the ones that would look the other way when a racist handed out a beating to someone that was to 'upity' or was an 'agitator'...well, that was, if he wasn't helping out himself.

So here we have a guy that took over, did change from his daddy's ways (as the earth had moved). read below from the paper:

Ferrell believes sheriffs' races should be nonpartisan. "I don't make decisions based on party," he said. "I based them on professionalism and the law."

See, this is where the heartwarming article starts letting the sewage slip in. If Ferrell believes this, he would not have been part of one of the most racially divisive campaigns in the state. The Races in Natchez and surrounding Adams county were some of the most racially charged in the state. If this were his true feelings, he would not have switched parties. if they don't matter (or shouldn't) why would he join the party that, with the supervisors race there, went into the heavily african american precincts to have 'monitors' challenge as many votes as possible. this was the story all over the state, but here, it was one of the worst spots. I dealt with this in the weeks leading up to the election and it made me sick.

I had to personally dispatch attorneys down to the precinct level there on election day just to TRY and stave off these vultures who think voting and liberty is no long a right. the article quotes Johnny Junkin of the Adams county GOP:

"We weren't able to convince African-American voters to vote Republican," Junkin said. "Party affiliation doesn't change anything about the way he handles law enforcement."

well, you know what? it does. if you run as a dem and change parties just after you win, it effects how we see you because you are a no good, rotten liar. you would put yourself before the public to say 'this is who i am. elect me' and then you'd reveal you were lying the whole time. Now when that lie puts you in this little cabaal that is actively working to keep black people from YOUR says a lot. it says a lot about a man who claimed to want to change the image of the Miss. Sheriff (from what his daddy shaped it to be). Mr. Ferrell failed at that, but you know what? you could have guessed it. there's a place for him at Haley Barbour's table. He's been offered a job.

I guess they really are short on turncoat, lying, race-baiters. i'd have thought he had plenty.

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