Monday, December 08, 2003

GOP wants Reagan to REPLACE FDR on the Dime

It seems that the GOP cannot get enough of Ronald Reagan. they are wanting to replace FDR with Reagan on the dime. Even Nancy Reagan says its a bad idea. i guess i'd like him too if boring IKE was as good as it got for the GOP in that stretch between Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the century and Reagan 80 years later.

Ah heck. lets reflect. FDR only pulled us out of the depression, and guided our nation through WW2 after we were attacked.

hey, you know, Reagan was pres. when our Marines were attacked in Lebanon by Iran back terrorists. Thank god Reagan was there to bold move us out of Lebanon asap and then begin a series of secret arms deals with Iraq. now THAT's how you handle terrorists! ah, at least he lied about it to the American people. (Heck, the nice ole dems didn't even try to impeach him!)

um... I'll keep FDR thank you very much.

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