Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam has been captured--quick thoughts

I'm very curious about how this is going to play out. I am also curious if Time/Newsweek will do a special edition or squeeze this into the Tues. mag. usually they do very in-depth coverage and i'll enjoy their take on how it happened.

My take? i'm curious as to how it happened and what he has to say. Maybe its my nature, but equal to 'what does he have to say?' in my mind is "what sort of political hay will Bush make out of this". I am not one of those people that want america to Fail so that by proxy bush can fail, but i am someone that is sick of his ability to shrug off all things that he had no business doing, yet did.

I am glad this is one year away from the election and not playing out next september or october. i'm curious as to what the guy has to say about WMD. it would be very very good for the administration if he came clean about something. on the otherhand, captured, facing trial and execution, if he called the US on it. claiming he had notihing it could prove politically interesting.

Probably the most important issue, short term, is whether the attacks on US soldiers will be minimized. The coming weeks will be telling as to who was doing the attacks.

Loyalists? If so, do they have a reason to continue on?
Al Queda? If so, the stories of Bin Laden moving more emphasis in Iraq may be true.
Someone else?

Hopefully the attacks will fall off to a trickle, but i'm not that optimistic...Though, I hope.

NOTE from Polly: It should be mentioned that Mr. Mooch should have entered this as i should have been asleep. however, my lovely wife woke ME up at 6am to see this and not him. he is still asleep, so thanks to my wife for keeping me abreast of all the latest news.

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