Friday, December 12, 2003

A Baghdad Thanksgiving's Lingering Aftertaste

BOY! wasn't that thanksgiving trip to Iraq a morale builder!?! i mean, weren't they all thrilled to see the president cared enough to see them on T-day?, if you count the fact that they were all screened, so that only the pro bushies were around the president, it all seems to make sense.

I know what you're thinking. what LIBERAL CRAP PAPER are you looking to for this swill. well my friend, none other than STARS AND STRIPES, the official paper for the US armed forces. you know what liberals they are!

Our president lives his life like the boy in the bubble, unaware of the world around him and informed by his handlers. Bush has already admitted that he doesn't follow the news but rather relies on his aides. Its like having a leader that is willingly lead by handlers and campaign donors building a fantasy world for him.

i know only contempt.

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