Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Bush would back constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Well, they talked about it last week and it seems to have begun. White House Aides commented that the Admin. believed Dean to be the likely Democratic Candidate and were deciding on how to start working against him. this, of course could work too well and knock him out of the Primary (GO CLARK!) before it even starts, but we'll have to see.

as you can see from the recent TV interview, Bush talked about banning Same Sex Marriages by CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT (a VERY difficult and ill advised proposition). This, of course, is a DEEP pander to his base as well as a first little taste of what is to come in a Dean Nomination. you can be guaranteed that bush will be blasting Dean as a Gay Marriage advocate ad nausium in the next year.

The Suprise...!
If you look close at the interview itself, you see that Bush is actually infavor of STATE (chosen) protections of Gay couples' economic and social rights. he is vague on this but repeats it and won't call it marriage. the thing is, this is basically what Dean is saying as doesn't call it marriage and doesn't want the federal government to pass a law providing it. the difference? Dean doesn't pander a const. amendment to the religious right. this MAY be an opening, depends if anyone in the press wants to push bush on this. with their track record...i think the 'liberal press' has hung up its pen.

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