Monday, December 08, 2003


I can understand if people do not like smoke. i'm also fine with the operators of any building instituting a 'no smoking' policy of their own in any place. HOWEVER, we don't need a law banning it everywhere. basically you have non-smokers not wanting to have to bother with avoiding smoke. if you don't like smoke, go where they don't allow it!

while i'm at it, where are all these places around the state that non-smokers to suffer everyday? my local florists are smoke free. so's Target. all the grocery stores. the mall. the movies. can't smoke in the government buildings. or at the tire store. or the gas station. hell, you can't smoke at many (most) restaurants.

so what is it? Bars & Restaurants? i'm not saying no ones ever been annoyed by smoke in bars or restaurants, but you cannot honestly tell me that this has become a significant problem for the bulk of the people of this state. its relatively rare, to my experience. certainly not common enough to require a government ban. but you know, that's not what its about, is it? its about having your way 100% of the time.

I almost never sit in a smoking section of a restaurant. i'm not a big fan of cigarette smoke, but if i told you that it was such a problem that we need a new law...i'd be a liar. its not. let businesses decide for themselves, just like they have in virtually every aspect of our lives (regarding if smoking is allowed). as you can see, non-smokers are doing just fine on that score. if you aren't happy with their decison.

let them know and then vote with your feet.

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