Sunday, December 21, 2003


Well, I just got an offer for a New Job! i need to go to the P.O. Box and sign the contract today. I just got to add another title on the resume. Attorney, Political Consultant, and now Lobbyist. I start ASAP after the holiday and need to register myself.

Saw Gorj Friday nite. he calls me out to a cocktail party where i need to meet a few dozen ppl for my new job. now i'm so tired i can only drive 5 blocks before i have to get coffee. i show up and i'm barely able to smile and nod. seems it went ok because everyone seemed to very pleased and i got at least 5 people i've never met offering to work with me. not too bad. Talked to a classy lady in a fur coat that nite. she commented that i should work with her, and i thought to myself 'that's EXACTLY the place i'd like to work'. not a bad evening, plus Gorj floated my Bourbon and Coke. not bad at all.

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