Tuesday, May 02, 2006

UPDATED!!--Spanish Version of the Star Spangled Banner Causes Controversy

Some people have gotten REALLY upset to hear that our national anthem is being re-done in Spanish. I am sure their rage has reached its limit, considering the US Goverment commissioned this to be done 87 years ago (see above).

The State Department has a few VERSIONS as well.

I guess the song is so sacred that it could never be sung in any other language. I mean, for real! i once TOTALLY saw this deaf guy doing the national anthem in his goddamned 'sign' language! look, you come to america, you speak american...not that 'sign' crap real americans can't understand! ...and lay off our national anthem! if you can't sing it in our language, you can't sing it in yours!



If you go HERE you can see for yourself how meaningful the president's "hardline" against a Spanish language version of the Star Spangled banner really is! He hates the idea so much that he had Jon Secada sing it in spanish back in his 2001 inaugural!

He's 'all over' this issue...from every side, it seems.

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