Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Do your duty. Make more babies,"

This really offends me. It offends me that this guy is still on the air. Fox News wingnut John Gibson (you'll recall he even went beyond Bill O'Reilly by writing a BOOK about the 'war on christmas'!) is really concerned about America being taken over by non-whites. i don't mean this in the sense of an invasion. he's worried that the majority of people here won't be white (Norh American having spent most of the last 500 years having a non-white majority).

He ranted at length about the risks of our society not being white enough. "[d]o your duty. Make more babies," concerned that there are not enough white people in America, he added: "You know what that means? Twenty-five years and the majority of the population is Hispanic....To put it bluntly, we need more babies."

When is it ok to say we don't need anymore of YOUR race. we need more of MY race. MY race is better than yours. with John Gibson and FoxNews i'm offended...just not shocked. not at all. i guess they're playing to their viewership. i hope not. there shouldn't be a receptive ear to this crap.


teahouse said...

Yeah, that's pretty outrageous. When you consider that most of the population of the Americas is in fact hispanic, it makes sense that the descendants of the white northern Europeans are a minority.

It reminds me of a book I read about how most Australians totally think of themselves as European, despite the fact that they're locating thousands of miles from Europe! And they've traditionally limited the immigration of people from the surrounding Asian countries into their country. It's only recently that people there have accepted the fact that geographically, they're Asian!

Polly said...

it also does not simplify matters when we try to use geographic terms for racial terms and vice versa.

(People from the Asian continent aren't all 'asian' in the race-sense. Seriously, ask my pakistani friends if they ID their race as 'asian'. Oh, and Sen. Kerry's wife is technically african-american and Charlize Theron is just African).

I would wager that only 150-200 or the last 500 years has seen North America exist as a 'white majority' locale.

The Hud said...

When Charlize hosted SNL she joked at length in her monologue that she was African-American (I guess she now lives here full time).

Kwame Appiah has an article called Racisms in which he discusses the various ways one can be racist. Say what you want about the rest of his position but the discussion in that article is good. He differentiates between extrinsic and intrinsic racism. What you describe here would be intrinsic racism. That is, to feel that you are connected in a morally significant way to one group of people over another and that the connection itself justifies priveleging that particular group. The KKK is currently preaching this line of thought, not so much the other races are morally bad anymore, now its Whites are just cool!

the thing is, you don't have to limit this just to so-called non-white immigrant groups. Look at how much hatred and violence has historically been levelled against even white immigrant groups. The same arguments we here against Latinos migrating to the United States was used against, pretty much, every other imigrant group in history (take the Irish, please [HA!]). Its ridiculous.

boinky said...

Well, I'm too old to "have more babies", but even if I did, they'd be part Asian...
This argument assumes the "one drop rule" of race. In the bad days of segregation, you were considered a Negro if you had one drop of black blood.
So my "grandkids" are not "northern European"? Big deal.