Tuesday, May 09, 2006

LESS Popular Than 'Nam!

Holy crap! this article shows that 57% or Americans call the Iraq war a Mistake. this is NINE PERCENT WORSE(48%) than Vietnam's popularity in 1968!

That's pretty damn bad.


gorjus said...

Yeah, but it's not quite the same thing I don't think, because it doesn't effect nearly as many people. We "don't like" the war in Iraq, but people HATED Vietnam. I'm not sure it 's really comparable.

Polly said...

well, yes and no. it clearly isn't the same thing. there isn't a draft. the number of deaths isn't as high. i think the protests we've had are perhaps as big or bigger, but maybe not as many. i dunno? you can't forget many of the protests of that era were mixed message: youth movement, anti-war, women's lib, civil rights, etc. Here it's mostly an anti-war thing.

another way to look at it is the opposite direction. who LIKED it. many saw liking the war as a way to push back at the societaly changes listed above. this added to the friction. of course the poll records whether its a mistake or not, not how MUCH something was hated.