Monday, May 08, 2006

Bush Quote of the Day

In a recent interview, Bush nails down the most interesting thing about our First President:

That's George Washington, the first President, of course. The interesting thing about him is that I read three -- three or four books about him last year. Isn't that interesting?
Exactly! Brilliant!


teahouse said...

Oh, dear oh dear oh dear.

Swirly in DC said...

the fact that he reads 3 or 4 books PERIOD is interesting.

Stacey in L.A. said...

Hmm, did anyone push to ask if they were actually "audio"books??? haha! Seriously, I've gotten into those lately during my bitch of a commute. Do those count?

Polly said...

ha! don't knock the audio books! i consume my share too!!