Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Someone Finally Says It.

In Jackson Mississippi, we have Dunn Lampton as our local U.S. Attorney. See, Dunn ran for office and he got beat. well, the GOP don't forget anyone that might be crony material. President Shrub makes him the US Atty and guess what? The GOP gets someone to do their bogus indictments against political foes! yay for justice!!

just to leave out any doubts, we get indictments handed down to coincide with elections like the Democratic Primary or various big Democratic Press days. well, one of the accused (Paul Minor) is coming out with something to say about it. Joe Holloman, one of Minor's attorneys:

He was targeted because he is "an active Democrat, an active opponent of civil-justice reform, big business and the Republican Party."

"(That) led to Mr. Minor being singled out and hit with totally unprecedented federal charges for alleged state campaign (finance) law violations and to the U.S. attorney turning the other way from the same type of conduct by those who have ties to the Republican Party," (Notably the identical actions of Dickie Scruggs who is an in-law of Trent Lott and the state's largest soft money contributor to the GOP at $250,000).

further reported in the Sun Herald:

The motion also says that Scruggs paid off a $80,000 loan to Diaz and used intermediaries, or third parties, to pay off campaign loans. Minor's lawyers contend Scruggs' financial and personal connections to the Republican party influenced federal prosecutors.

Citing newspaper reports, the motion also says that Lott appeared to have talked to federal prosecutors about the case in the fall of 2002, nine months before the indictment was issued. Lott is quoted in an issue of Roll Call, a Washington political newspaper, as saying that he had spoken with state and federal authorities about whether Scruggs was involved in the judicial probe. Lott later told The Sun Herald that he had not spoken to authorities about his brother-in-law.

Minor is a Democrat supporter and is being procecuted along with sitting Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz. It just so happens that Diaz defeated Dunn Lampton's friend and chosen candidate Keith Starrett in that race. Now add to this the fact that Lampton replaced a more experience FBI agent on this case with a friend that was also a donor to Diaz's opponent Keith Starrett.

Want more? Minor successfully won multi-million dollar verdicts in cases involving companies owned by Lampton's relatives.

Lesson learned? the GOP doesn't need ethics as long as it has cronyism. one has to wonder if Republicans have ever heard of the word recusal

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