Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dean Slows Down (or starts doing what everyone else is doing).

Seems the Dean campaign is losing some steam and having to pinch pennies. Dean is now going against his previous pledge to 'be everywhere'...and that's fine. he's going to have a presence, but he will not campaign full strength everywhere, he will concentrate on large delegate states, which he HAS TO DO now to win.

Some have commented on how/why this 'DC outsider' dropped his famed campaign Mgr Joe Trippi in favor of Al Gore's Roy Neel. some are clearly upset with this--the idea of ditching Trippi who built him up or getting ANYBODY that was on w/ Gore involved--but i wonder if he had to do it. If the old Dean method is not working (get the masses of young voters and those left out of 'bush's america' to the polls), if that groundswell of angry liberals is not have to chane it up. As i've mentioned here before, that seems to be the WHOLE idea from Joe Trippi.

The problem is that its been about connecting people over the net and talking about this idea, all of which has raised a lot of money. this ignores the fact that your supporters are spread out in states away from the primaries, unable to vote. sure they can stoke the fires but that's the PRESS and newspapers don't vote. i think this may be necessary, but i'm not certain getting some of that election winning, Al Gore magic is the angle to take. we'll see. the gig is likely up in 2 weeks anyway.

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