Friday, January 09, 2004

Reading Shelby Foote

I'm now one of those people who read Shelby Foote. I'm not very knowledgeable of this sort of writing, but i do know how to name drop Shelby Foote. I also (knowing nothing prior to this week) have always said that name in reverence. didn't really know why, but i knew i should. Right now i'm reading Shiloh and i hear his voice. its pretty damn amazing. you see a very clear understanding that isn't all romaticized faux dignity. As i'm going through this thing i feel like i'm somehow doing something i'm supposed to do. like reading faulkner...or talk about Eudora Welty like she's the sweetest old aunt i ever had...and i do both of these things...and I like it. just like i like Elvis. i guess it makes me feel proud.

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