Tuesday, January 20, 2004

New Election

quick note. My district doesn't have a state senator. there was a clerical error in one precinct of a very close election in my district. there were no allegations of fraud. the WHOLE election has been tossed now and will have to be redone. "why not revote that one precinct?" you ask? because if they do, the Democrat will win (again). this gives the GOP the upperhand. it further goes to show how gutless our dems are in the senate. (there is a Dem MAJORITY). election feb. 12 between the same two candidates, all this set arbitrarily by the senate and all of this is unconstitutional. knowing this, it was passed anyway by almost a 2x margin. Its sleazey. a dem. senator went so far as to point out that the democrat would be favored to win in a revote of the problem precinct as an EXPLANATION of why the precinct shouldn't be the only place redone.

If you have the guts to stand in the floor of the senate and explain that disenfranchising more voters is ok if your result is an election skewed to the republican...well...you can just get the hell out of my party now.

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