Saturday, May 17, 2008

Well, we Lost.

But I had as good a time as I could have hoped for!

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Polly said...

Well, as you probably know by coming to this site over the last couple of months, I really like to catch college baseball when i get a chance. My two teams, Miss. State (College) and Tulane (Law School), are both very good and very good places to see the games. At the same time, they are very different.

MSU has a faithful crowd. It has one of the biggest stadiums in college baseball and has had the biggest crowds in the history of college game. the stands can be a little less animated, while the left field lounge is like a free-for-all of fun. It is also in the middle of nowhere on campus. WAY more than just a casual walk, but not hard to get to.

Tulane is right on campus, close to the dorms, and smack in the middle of a big neighborhood. The stands are smaller, but can get pretty animated. They also sell beer at the games. There is a different sense of history there. both teams have old programs, but you know that the Tulane program was middle aged when that 80 year old fan you saw was born. They also have a cheer...It's about 110 years old. It's one of those Rah- Rah types you would hear Bugs bunny do in a 1942 cartoon.