Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama Takes It!?!?!

Well, Obama walked away with the NC primary Tuesday. As of midnight, Indiana was too close to call. It seemed to be that The Entire race was coming down to Lake County and the City of Gary. Earlier on, they were about 20,000 votes apart. While there are still a few votes to count, NBC called the race for Hillary.

Nothing about this is good for Hillary. Her case for the nomination is week. More to the point, I've felt for s while now it was a fiction created by one part Media daydream and one part Right Wing lust. She could have made a (weak) claim to continue if she won both states today. A(n even) weaker claim if she won 2. The close win in Indiana may have been too close to keep her boat afloat. I think she is about to concede and save the party from certain disaster.

My rationale? You don't cancel all your upcoming tv news appearances (and the morning shows) I'd you're about to make that big final push. As I hear it, that is just what she did.

We may now have a democratic nominee.

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