Thursday, May 15, 2008

IF You Watch Anything This Week...

You've got to see this. Olberman puts it out there as clear as a bell. all i can say is "wow". watch this and tell me what it leaves you thinking. seriously.


frank said...

The press and the journalists should have said this before they supported this criminal war - now it is too late.

Bush to Den Haag !!
Rumsfeld to Den Haag !!
Chenny to Den Haag !!

This war was , is and will be a war crime. But the US always attacked other countries , beacuse the US is a imperialistic nazi country.

Death to the American Imperialists !!!

brd said...

Frank, Frank, Frank. Calm down. You aren't even spelling straight. We all should have spoken louder against the war. But now we need to work positively for a just conclusion of war, not call names and encourage more violence.

frank said...

I'm German it is ok when I sometime don't spell "straight".

The US is a terrorist country, everyone who looks at the US history sees that. They attack and overthrow governments who are not in their favour, only idiots deny that. They more or less enslaved almost whole middle and south america, signed responsible of democraticly elected leaders - so that is your "idea" of democracy. The arab world just pays back what you governments and your little dog israel did to them.

Yes , violence creates violence - but guess who started that shit ?

frank said...


They have thrown over almost EVERY legal and democratic elected government in middle and south america.

Since the end of WW2 the US attacked about 30 countries direct or indirect. They have overthrown about 50 Goverments and are responsible for torture and the deaths of millions of innocent people.

There is no "conclusion" for this war in Iraq, you have to stay there and clean up the mess you've created - there is no way you can get out of there in the next 20 to 30 years. And forget about attacking Iran , you will loose this war, like you already lost Iraq.