Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK, I'm Officially Sick of It.

Hillary Clinton needs to get the hell out of the way. I've been kind of quite about it lately, but i'm done. Hillary has been saying for over a month now that she's keeping in the race because she can't give up when she's this close. she can't give up when everyone hasn't had their say in the vote.

I'm sorry, but this has bound into the land of fantasy. She cannot win with the math of a month ago. it isn't better today. More to the point, she cannot win without tearing the party apart. seriously. anyone supporting hillary now (or for the last month or two) needs to explain to me how she can win without asking delegates to overturn votes that went to obama. How we can have a party together without taking earned votes away from the candidate. we can't. if we do, then we tear the party into pieces. I'm sorry, but this is how it is. The worst part, she is living up to the worst lights that people have cast her in over the last 18 years. People have defended her actions as take-charge aggressive, not manipulative and self serving to the point of harming others. It hurts to see her live out the caricature that others have drawn of her.

The part that annoys me most is hearing hillary say 'everyone deserves their time to vote'. as if it were about going through all 50 states. As if we EVER had a primary that was decided by direct vote, after ALL the states voted. No matter how nice it sounds, we have never waited to the end of the modern primary process to pick our nominee. It is not the nature of our process. it never has been. None-the-less, we have this vanity contest with a senator who cannot win and cannot seem to let herself quit. we have a multi-million dollar drain on our monies, needed for house and senate races, like the one we WON in MS- Dist. 1. instead, we're continuing donations to this farcical primary attempt. the race is over. it is costing money and may be costing votes. i'm done with it and i'm sick of waste. Right now Ronnie Musgrove is up 8 points in an attempt to take back a Miss. Senate seat for the democrats for the first time in a generation...yet we waste time and MONEY on this vanity project for Hillary Clinton. Because she came "so close". I'm sorry. I've worked races where we lost by 36 votes. i know what close is. It stinks. It's time to suck it up and go back to being a senator. every day and every dollar works against a Majority in the senate. a supreme court that is secure. a government i can live for instead of living through.

I'm done waiting. Hillary should quit now.


brd said...

No, no. This is so great. People are excited. People are thinking about issues and possibilities. Hillary has stayed in the race long enough to reveal the heart of the party, not just in early states, but in late states too. Of course Obama should lead the party ticket. But US democrats want the dream team, no matter what the party and press pundits say.

This is good for the party. No one is even thinking about the Republicans.

If we talk about change, we ought to change and take a new approach to this whole election thing.

Polly said...

you are being generous. She cannot win without overturning the popular vote, yet she still pushes to the convention. the latest:


Now, what is to gain here? She is not going to be the nominee, so what is the upside of draining money that could go to senate candidates? gubernatorial candidates? house candidates? Obama? what is good for the party if she wins any more contests? how does exposing or amplifying Obama's weaknesses at this point help the cause? the party?

i just don't believe it. i could buy this all 3 months ago. 2 months ago. now? no. this is bleeding the candidate and the coffers in a way we never do in modern times. there will be no dream team now. Hillary has assured it at this point. Her campaign is doing no strength building at this point. even for herself. I say this as a long time Hillary defender and supporter. Maybe this is my campaign experience speaking, but in a real race, you cannot afford this ceaseless cutting at the status of the nominee. every day. every news cycle. battleground state after battleground state. this ground is too hard to earn to be giving it away to someone that isn't in the race. don't underestimate how bad this is for the early part of a campaign.

Polly said...

another thing to consider. see this story:


Hillary plans to contest this all the way to the rules committee. they call this the "nuclear option" because it means making a final attack for victory that is so powerful, that there will be considerable democratic collateral damage.

I really do believe what you said above. i think a spirited primary has energized our voters. However, i am now deeply concerned that this is spinning to the point of real damage. If it continues, I don't see how this doesn't damage both candidates, regardless of outcome. The people that really bother me at this point are the uncommited 'super' delegates. i have a pretty low tolerance for undecided voters and even less for these people. the entirety of this problem (for both candidates) is in their hands.

Brd, how do you feel about Florida and Michigan? should the be counted as a compromise, should they not be counted at all because they violated the rules, or should they be given completely to Hillary?

brd said...

We only care about "every vote counting" when it counts. We didn't think hanging chads mattered until it mattered. We wouldn't be rethinking Florida and Michigan, if it didn't make a difference. Had we only known. The reality is, and Kentucky and West Virginia revealed this clearly, the Democratic party is split, just about 50/50 between Hillary and Obama. If she had not stayed in the race, we wouldn't see this quite so clearly. But she did, and we do. Obama has the advantage, and I think he should get the nomination, but, if Florida and Michigan had abided by the rules and run normal elections, Hillary might have a slight advantage. It is as problematic as a hanging chad.

I think that Hillary and Obama should light up some cigars, sit in a small room, fill it with smoke, and then exit the room with a ticket. Obama/Hillary.

Dr. Wagner said...

The only thing this is doing is allowing the Republicans to stay above it all. McCain can make softball appearances on David Letterman and Sat Night Live, while the two Dems rip each other to pieces for him. Hillary is losing moderate votes for the party everyday...every minute she stays in it. McCain can coast from now until the convention and then get a bump when he announces his running mate. This should have been a cake-walk for teh dems, instead it is tight in the polls. The Dems have some repair work to do with the moderate voters, and they need to be able to focus on a single candidate. I don't even think Clinton would be viable as a VP at this point. I think she would only serve to rally the Republicans. She needs to congratulate Obama and get the hell out of the way.

brd said...

But don't you see, Obama needs Hillary because of the moderate voters. Moderate voters and especially older women will go for HC as veep. We old feminists do want a woman on the ticket. This is a classic face-off. (See Freedom's Daughters.)

Dr. Wagner said...

nope, I think that Hillary as VP would do more hamr than good. You have a much higher opinion of her ability to draw voters than I do.

Polly said...

I think the campaign will be suspended this week. not before getting 3 shots off at Obama and exposing his weakness with the Latino vote. Thanks Hill.

Oh, Bill Richardson would like to thank you too. His value in the VP race just went through the roof! (he's my pick!)