Thursday, June 08, 2006


Otherwise, how on earth would i have my computer crash 4 times while transfering files from a CD-Rom to the Hard drive. Seriously. what was i THINKING wanting a mac!?! how could i give this up!

*Note: this was after upgrading to a 'better' cdrom drive and adding more RAM. yay!


gclark said...

how old is this PC you're using, anyway?

Polly said...

This one isn't new, but its my work PC its an intel celeron 2.40GHz

not exactly cutting edge, but that's fine. you'd think using word perfect or ripping a CD wouldn't be so crippling. I'm not doing autocad here.

The Hud said...

Oh, quit your whining. Its just your computer getting in a couple of more licks before you get rid of it, like that employee you have to escort out after you fire them so that don't break or steal anything. You've only got yourself to blame for using that machine when you wrote that you were going to scrap it. Damn, like telling your secretary to write a letter letting her know that she is fired.

Polly said...

ha! i WISH. i'm not replacing my work computer. this PC will be here forEVER.