Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eric B & Rakim and a White Kid from Mississippi

As for delivery and complicated lyrical structure, Eric B & Rakim set the foundation in rap. It was the first time someone's raps were complicated in construction. Add to that the weight of the delivery and voice, and it was powerful. i remember hearing the delivery in this song and feeling chills. chills because of how powerful it palpable it was. i remember hearing it when i was young trying to get involved in things that were often not done by people my age, i found strength in the songs.

I was a fiend before I became a teen/
I melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream.
Music orientated, so when hip-hop was originated/
Fitted like pieces of puzzles...complicated.
I grabbed the mic and try to say, "yes yall!"/
They tried to take it, and say that I'm too small.
Cool, cause I don't get upset/
I kick a hole in the speaker, pull the plug, then I eject.
That idea of being kicked out for being to small or too young, then being ok with it. i'll leave, then kicking a hole in the speaker--breaking it--on the way out just captivated me. Now, this isn't what it may sound like to you. its not about being pissed and breaking something because you are mad. Hip Hop came from house parties. block parties. neighborhoods where DJs, dancers, and MC's would 'battle' to be the best. just like many other forms of show business, you don't want to follow a tough act if you don't have the chops. its an embarassment to yourself. this, in one phrasing or anoter was rapping til you 'broke' the mic. this meant you did it all. no one wants to follow you because they weren't gonna be BETTER than you. the climax has left the stage and you will not make anyone happy if YOU got up there, so it was as if 'THE MIC WAS BROKE'. No one could follow up. I was facinated with that notion. About the time this came out, i was told i could not compete in debate because of my age. it just captivated me. this song was the first time i heard anyone say 'you can TELL YOURSELF anything you want, but that doesn't change that this is the way it is...You can tell me i'm too young to be here with you and rap, but that doesn't change the fact that i just BROKE this mic and that's still the fact when i walk out of the room."


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Eric B. & Rakim are OK, but for complex beat and social commentary, check this out:

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