Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'd like an AppleBerry turnover, please

As some of you already know, i will soon replace my PC. I've spent my lifetime of computing on a PC in some form or another. This year I will toss my PC into the nearest bonfire and get an apple. I'm nearly giddy over the idea every day. Now it seems that my phone might need to be replaced in the nex year or so...:) : AppleBerry might be the next big thing: "s the day near when you will get music on your BlackBerry and e-mail on your iPod?

The idea of an “AppleBerry” partnership between Research In Motion Ltd. and Apple Computer Inc. was floated yesterday by Peter Misek, an analyst with Canaccord Capital Inc., who last year accurately predicted a partnership between RIM and Intel Corp."


gclark said...

heathen! sellout!

macs are for pussies! turn back before it's too late!

bulb said...

eff off g clark.

Just how late and how bad is VISTA gonna be? And how much will Gates charge a year later for an "upgrade" which any real softwaremaker would know to be a series of bug fixes?

I know I know you're probably a free sourcecode linux guy now, which is cool. really, but lay off the Jobs man!

Polly said...

sellout? yeah. the way i've not had a PC that worked worth a damn for the last 10 years has pushed me over the edge. hardware that works occasionally. systems that freak out if i try to listen to a cd, lookonline and type in word all at the same time.

I'll be happy to no longer use microsoft products. i'll also be happy to see my computer you know...WORK! i have my first cd burner,now on my pc, that works 80% of the time. this is a milestone bc its never been so good!

As for unix (ie: bullshit), you can keep that. i'm an attorney and a human being. not a cyborg that needs to interface with my motherboard. all i want is a computer that ...oh, does what its supposed to do... you know...WORK! i was never a fan of macs before. now that i'm so tired of pc's that barely function, i can't wait to have a mac.

Dr. Geekos said...

My PC works perfect, my PC-Burner works 100% all the time - maybe it is just that I assembled it by myself and got the best parts I could get.

But - ok - go and buy a apple - they have a lot of problems now with the INTEL-CPU's regarding overheating etc..

bulb said...

as an apple fan, Geekos is right abou the overheating issue on INTEl CPU laptop/notebook models; as with any new rollout involing a dramatic change, one is probably nwise to wait at least a half generation before making that leap if at all.

See we're not all mindless clones of the Jobs mantra . . .


Polly said...

hey, i'm glad you pc's work well. i wish mine did, then we wouldn't be having this conversation.

The Hud said...

I've been watching these PC-Mac arguments for...well, decades now. I wish folks would stop conflating Operating systems with Hardware. Is Mac-OS more stable than Windows, sure, but so are a lot of operating systems. Besides, operating systems that work with a wider range of products are necessarily going to be more fickle. You would be to if you had to deal with that many different OEM products. Macs are stable because they don't play with others (contrary to their recent ads). And I still maintain that their OS is no more intuitive than other GUIs (personally, I couldn't live without a right mouse button).
Switch to a Mac if it makes you happy but I'm convinced your pc problems are more about the way you use your machine (not indicting you jp!). My laptop has run fine, no crashes or nothing, for over a year now, my dektop even longer.

Dr. Geekos said...

Well - if you have a PC with really good components you don't have such issues - but usually when you buy a PC "off-the-shelf" they usually contain some bad components which makes the system instable. As I said before: I assembled my PC by myself using only brandname parts since then it works without a problem, regardless if I play a 3d-shooter or doing software development or write something in word.

Polly said...

so does that mean (and i don't mean this to attack one or the other) that they are about dead even if you equip your PC with the best stuff, but if you buy an apple, you get high quality equipment off the shelf?

bulb said...

Beating an almost dead horse as an act of kindness!


generally easier to use, better operating system, they look much cooler (aesthetics do matter) and while still more expensive the price gap has been closed when you consider the power you get with a basic iMac G4 middle tier model (for example, just happens to be my machine now), including nice screen, dvd and cd burners/reader, iPhoto, iMovie, Dashboard and an amazing array of applets, but the laptops and notebooks are notoriously weak on battery power and the newer models so far run dangerously hot, fewer apps overall, especially weak in technical areas.

PCs especially those driven by a MS OS

The vast majority of users out there are on this kind of a platform, so more transparency, obviously more software developers overall, weak clunky OS, far more prone to debilitating virus attacks (note this is not a PC issue per se but a MS issue and at least they are getting serious about security; in fairness the smug Apple user needs to wake up and see what's coming, esp. in the new INTELMAC age.


Basic home user interested in word processing, graphic design, music acquisition, viewing TV /DVD, and simplicity of use—plug 'n' play options, go with a basic model MAC.

technical and business-minded users probably still better off with a high end PC clone (sorry guys, btu it's the turth as I see it), but consider an open source OS like LINUX.

sess said...

I agree w/ bulb but that same PC thats giving you head trauma could be a great PC if you would run the latest Unix Distro.

And here is a walk through to set up all your needs.

Easy Linux

Im tired of people thinking you have to now how to interface your Motherboard and know how to work via---the command line

All you have to do is a little searching and Open Source Software can make your dreams come true. I hate Micro$oft and Apple is trying to get $$$$$ Money as well. Its not the hardware it people throwing out Applications all the time that screws Windows up. And thats what Vista is going to try to overcome limiting what your hardware can do by limiting your software and what you can install. My conclusion is to get a Live Ubuntu disk restart your computer boot from the CD & watch your troubles fade away. Or spend a CRAP load of $ for an Apple where its 300 bucks for Office. So I guess Linux will be the most cost affective and soon to be the dominant force when Vista drops because there are gonna be some pissed off developers when there program they worked so hard on will only beable to be ported to XP or later. And that's the BEST of the story.

Polly said...

what can we expect from VISTA and how long before we see it? I will still use a PC at work, and thus i'm curious. my apple will likely be for my homelife.

maybe unix isn't what i think it is, but it always struck me as being slightly less user-friendly than DOS 5.0

I once had to use Macs for certain classes about 7 years ago and i didn't care for some of the differences...they seemed annoying. the problem for me is that the things i find annoying on PCs never seem to be problems on macs so i may just make the switch at my house.