Sunday, November 30, 2003

saw the matrix 3 tonite.

i liked it just fine. it was about 1000x better than part 2. it had virtually none of the stuff i hated from part 2 and that's a damn good start. it was MUCH more of sci fi movie than a kung fu, shoot em up, mind bender like before. it seemed to lack a lot of what made the 1st one unique, a lot of what made the 2nd one suck, and still wasn't too bad.

what was too bad was the freezing cold theatre we were in. my nose and ears were cold and the door handle was cold to the touch. despite my complaints, it never got better.

strangely, Neo (Reeves) seemed to be barely in 1/2 the movie. Trinity in less than that. gorjus complained that the lines were like a book of cliches, but i thought they were at least delivered well. it was fun to watch and i'll likely not see it again, but i had a good time.

Lately, i've been wanting to see the new Lord of the Rings and wanna see the Two Towers again on DVD.

anyone see the runaway jury? TX Chainsaw Massacre? Bad Santa?

it seems that there were a ton of movies i wanted to see 3 weeks ago. now there are 3. i missed the sneak preview of The Last Samurai tonite (one showing) we were one of a few hundred theatres across the nation that got the sneak preview. this coming after the opening date was brought back 1 week earlier (12/5) b/c of the RAVE reviews it got. i guess they smelled a winner.

OH, one last question. anyone know when the Oscar dates are? meaning when must your movie have been released to be in contention for the oscar? is it w/in the calendar year being considered?

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