Wednesday, November 19, 2003


There are already some polls out concerning former justice moore's possible run for governor. he'll likely challenge the sitting gov. in the primary which may leave an opening for the DEMS if they have anyone, particularly w/ how weak the gov. is at this point. After watching that film AGAIN of Moore pretending to install the 10 commandments monument and then praying before it like an alter, his face tight, as if in anguish...its sickening to this christian. the sad part is that people don't mind this man stepping on our freedoms AND our/my religion as a publicity stunt to get votes. what scum.

Poor Alabama, they get tricked into voting against shifting the tax burden off of backs most of the public, in favor of thestatus quo which can no longer pay for basic services like roads and schools. i'm anxious to see how all this pans out when the GOP types REALLY get what they want in hard times. lets see how it works out.

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