Sunday, November 23, 2003


Discussing the recent GOP Protest filibuster, Orrin Hatch argued that the democrats, in blocking 4 of bush's judicial nominees, were playing politics in a way that was unheard of and unconstitutional. except....(from the Wash. Post):

(In 1980) Senate Republicans mounted a filibuster against President Carter's nominee for general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board -- a man who had served as a career attorney at the board for 27 years.

The senator leading the filibuster said it was his "unfortunate duty to challenge the nomination" because, although he "personally liked" the nominee, he was "too pro-labor" and other qualified nominees would be "acceptable to business."

That senator was Orrin Hatch. does that mean he now hates himself, thinks he was out of line, and should be ashamed!? don't hold your breath.

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