Monday, November 17, 2003

GOP Filibuster

the GOP recently filibustered to protest the fact that 4 of Bush's court nominees aren't getting an up/down vote (compared to 68 of Clintons, or that Bush has gotten more judges appointed--at this point in his term--than any president in a generation). the funny thing is that the Dems haven't filibustered ANY of these judges, the only filibusters done were by the GOP. and they say Dems are wasting time.

cry me a river. oh, in case you missed it--

Bush got mad at the Dems "playing politics" with his judicial nominations. But OOPS! Seems someone leaked a memo from Elizabeth Keys, a senior communications advisor for the Senate Republican Conference,showing that Senate Republicans were in with Fox News over this whole thing! The memo to the senate staffers says:

"It is important to double efforts to get your boss to S-230 on time ... Fox News Channel is really excited about this marathon and Brit Hume at 6 would love to open with all our 51 senators walking onto the floor - the producer wants to know will we walk in exactly at 6:02 when the show starts so they get it live to open Brit Hume's show? Or if not, can we give them an exact time for the walk-in start?"

FoxNews, you're the best!

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