Friday, April 11, 2008

We Win!!

I don't talk about a lot of my work here...I don't really know why. it's right along the lines of what i always type here. I mentioned my current project here once before. I've been working for a year to end a program called face-to-face. it, quite literally has cost the state more than $50 Million dollars and, in some places, tripled the infant mortality rate. It has cut 80,000 qualified citizens from Medicaid--virtually all women and children. all needy. My job was to end "face-to-face". I've worked politicians and interest groups and the press in every corner of the state, all for a full year.

Well, I got the word, just a minute ago, that the bill that will end the program will pass into law. we won, and the point of the last year of my life is almost complete. Just need to avoid a veto from the governor now (which will let him avoid a lawsuit from me) and we're really done. whew. i'm exhausted.

...I guess now i need a new job! heh.


hud said...

good work!

Dr. Wagner said...

well done, man. youve done a good thing for the people of mississippi.

Polly said...

well, we won for a short bit. now we're going to have to do a few things that are a good bit more complicated.