Saturday, April 05, 2008

I've Got a List of Demands

So, i've been taken over the last year by the number of songs i've come to really like and came across via a commercial. this time (link above) it was a nike commercial. i never get inspired by nike commercials, but this thing really took me. its a song called "List of Demands" by Saul Williams. (Song here--after the commercial up top, that's the one to watch. also, live version with NIN here)

I've been sorta taken with the song because, well, i've spent the last few years being remarkably angry and a bit direction-less. for the entirety of my adulthood, virtually every success i've had came from the proper direction of my anger. I've spent a good while with all the anger and none of the direction. i'm tired of that. it just makes me bitter. i'm tired of being bitter, as it isn't my nature. This song has reminded me to start being myself again. i can't wait.

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