Saturday, April 05, 2008

30,000 Without Power in Jackson

If you didn't hear, Mississippi was hit with 6 powerful tornadoes. Jackson got quite a bit of damage. I was at lunch when it hit. I had placed an order and was sipping on my coke when i looked out the window and the tree outside the window was bending at a 45 degree angle. a Semi Truck in the parking lot was swaying and about to tump over. the power was out and the restaurant crew moved all of us to the back of the building in the bar/kitchen area. a funnel cloud was directly over the building and would end up touching down just after it passed us. we got extensive damage. billboards by the restaurant were sheered down and thrown into the interstate. a car lot just walking distance from my location had about 40% of its cars blown out by the twister. it was a pretty intense few minutes. when it was done, whole sections of the city were out of power and 30,000 are still without power as i write this. trees where crashing through houses all over town and a good friend of mine just happened to be home. he looked out the window and saw the tree outside starting to give. he ran out of the room just before the tree broke through and crashed into the room. had he not moved with quickness, he would be dead now. it was a terrible disaster, and it is an amazing feat that (as of what i've heard) no one was killed. many parts of the city were hit MUCH harder than they were during Katrina. Friday was a terrible way to end the week.

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