Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Pics from the Baseball Weekend.

Now, this is the good stuff. it was taken by my pal, Dr. Wagner. click the link above. he did some fantastic shots! I will post some from the Mississippi State game we saw the next day. I actually took some of the photos that day. well see if any are as good as these Dr. Wagner took Saturday!


brd said...

Beautiful composition on this pic. I think you should post msu 7 or 10 from his collection. Now those are cute!

Polly said...

i would, but GOSH, you had to be there! the kid was BEING cute, but...um....that was one DAMN UGLY BABY!

truly, without being there, you would have had to be there. tho, i have to commend the mom with that bib/whatever that said "I only spit up on Rebels!" haw!