Monday, July 09, 2007

Pretty Alarming

This article by Robert Novak (no friend of the democrats) outlines how seriously bunkered the President and VP are when it comes to Iraq. Novak reports that the Administration's National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley had been sent to Capitol on a 'scouting' trip. He was to find out why several prominent GOP Senators have backed away from the Bush policy in Iraq...not to find answers on how to fix Iraq policy. The gist here being that when as this happens, the Bush Admin. is not even considering that the results are driving the GOP'ers away, but rather that they are simply falling away for some other reason. Like a boyfriend that can't figure out his own awful behaviour has driven his lady out the door, left there dumbfounded at the doorway, bags packed, asking "what happened to us? the way we used to be?" you almost expect a card from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. saying "don't you remember the good times?"

leading one senator to ask what he was seeking. It was not advice on how to escape from Iraq. Instead, Hadley appeared interested in how previous supporters of Bush's course had drifted away. In the process, though, he planted seeds of concern. Some senators were left with the impression that the White House still does not recognize the scope of the Iraq dilemma. Worse yet, they see the president running out the clock until April, when a depleted U.S. military can be blamed for the fiasc


Rocho said...

Did you suddenly become British? 'behaviour'?

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It's good to find another liberal blogger in Mississippi. Keep up the good work.

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