Thursday, July 19, 2007

a bright spot

As some of you may know, i'm coming out of a pretty bad week and heading into a bit of relief. The link above has a wonderful video (not too long) of a gentleman interviewing kids at the College Republican National Convention. Without being a jerk to them, he asks questions about what they believe when it comes to Iraq and then asks if they plan to serve. They pretty much take it from there.

Highlights include good ole Kent Alexander from Univ. of Southern Mississippi. while having played college football, he wasn't sure he was fit enough to be a soldier. Also (just wait for it) they guy who figures out that he is officially not gay.

I liked that final note. anyone know where i can get a 'draft college republicans' bumper sticker?

...And when the band played 'hail to the chief', oh they pointed the finger at you...


John Leek said...

That's frightening. These people are supposedly the best and brightest and they are only repeating meaningless talking points.

Rocho said...

oh crap!
"if we had those 40 million children, we wouldn't need immigrants" referring to all the aborted fetuses. Because, really, the reason Americans aren't working for substandard wages is because there are other jobs that they need to fill first (ignoring unemployment entirely). People like this give people a bad name.