Monday, July 23, 2007

and i though 28 was the bottom

I predicted that Bush's approval ratings would not fall below 28 a while back. i felt that he'd cult-ivated about 28% of the public into thinking he could do no wrong. Well, I was wrong. now he's at 25% approval. if asked about his handling of the economy, he drops another 2 points.

Our economic recovery has primarily been in the hands of those in our various markets: stocks, real estate, etc. we've been creating wealth that shows economic growth, but that has not been spread amongst the multitudes. I think he's been selling something for 7 years and everyone has finally seen there's nothing in these bottles that the snake oil salesman keeps hawking.


Rocho said...

So, what? Its going to take the next president virtually the entire term to even begin to recover from the mess we are left in and then, during the next election cycle, the group that got us into this trouble is going to attack the conditions under which we have been living and blame the one who has been fixing it? It really makes me angry.

Polly said...

well it matters as to whether he can adequately fight investigations into his actions or uphold a veto. he keeps dropping, we can override vetoes. It also brings up he impeachment question. (side note, i think Cheney needs to be impeached before bush does, and if not, then both or neither should be impeached).

Rocho said...

Sorry, that wasn't a "who cares?" question. It was a "what are the consequences?" question. Can you impeach them together? or does it have to be two separate actions done simultaneously?