Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Not to Do

OK. here we go. if you're in a tight senate race (here Webb vs. Allen in Virginia), you don't need to do stuff that makes you look bad. Sen. George Allen (R,VA) seems to have thrown that kernel out the window. Above you can see some video of an Allen event. it seems someone in an Allen sticker asked a question of the Senator that seemed (to their ears) rude. I have no word on what the questions were.

anyway...their solution was to put this guy in a headlock, slam him into a window, then thrown im on the ground. all while the cameras were rolling.

brilliant idea.


Polly said...

UPDATE: seems the guy asking the questions was a Marine. He evidently asked allen if it was true that he spit on his first wife. that sent the Allen peple over the edge.

As it turns out, this came out in divorce papers with the first wife. i guess anything to shush up the unpleasant.

brd said...

Seems to me that whether you are playing in the World Cup or running for political office, there are rules and then, there are rules. Perhaps we could get
Zidane to work up another animation for Allen!

Rule #1 Don't headbutt, headlock, or spit.

Rule #2 Except when someone else says something nasty about your sister, your mother, or your relationship with your ex-wife.