Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Many Other Senate Candidates Use Interacial Dating as an Issue in Their Ads?

Answer? none.

Harold Ford wasn't supposed to be biting at the lead in the closing weeks of the Senate race in Tenn. I mean, he's a Democrat, it's the South, and he's Black! what goes on here!?!

I've predicted, privately, that this is the seat that the GOP will most likely hold the senate for the GOP. This is the easy one where they can play the race card over and over. This isn't to say that Tenn. is a racist state. it IS to say that the racists that are in Tenn. are safely in the Republican Party. The GOP can win by energizing its base, and that is part of their base. The ad that they are running shows a white woman wanting to 'hook up' with the black senate candidate.

Now tell me. can you name any other ad in the US referencing the touchy subject of inter-racial dating? is there any OTHER reason to run such an ad, other than to evoke nasty feelings in a political race? What other races out there have a message about the candidate 'hooking up' in the ads? none. It isn't an issue...i suppose...unless you don't have issues to run on anyway.

Harold Ford would be walking all over his second tier opponent in this race if he wasn't black. instead, he's in the fight of his life. Ford should win. I'm afraid he won't.


brd said...

The ad you reference is hideous and cheap. I suppose you are right about the racist implications. It is low in other ways also.

The state of politics in TN and as far as the eye can see is pretty abysmal.

I will be voting for HF.

Polly said...

Coker wouldn't even be a contender if a white candidate of Ford's calibur was in the race. The GOP know they don't have much more than this so they better hit the race button as much as the can and hope they can slime their way in.

The Hud said...

I must be slipping because I thought that ad was hilarious. Everybody in it was such a bad caricature it was awesome. I seriously wonder if this ad wouldn't backfire, not because of the backlash but because everyone in the ad says why they are voting for Ford. I mean, a hot woman saying someone is cool, isn't that how most beers get sold?

Like crotch punches, the comedy of stupidity never gets old.