Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some Voting Machines Chop Off Candidates' Names - washingtonpost.com

This is just perfect. one of the closest races in the country and Democratic challenger James Webb's last name is been chopped off the ballot.

you can still vote for him, you just can't see his name.

Unfortunately for him, these machines CANNOT BE FIXED for election day. That's right, our new technology is so advanced, it cannot even be repaired! how advanced we are.


The Hud said...

I so amazingly don't trust modern voting machines that it is causing me to seriously question the old paper ballots as well. I'm beginning to think each voter should be issued a vote receipt and that all votes should be published by voter ID number so each person can personally check to see that their vote was logged correctly and so that anyone else can personally check to make sure that the official numbers add up.

Polly said...

much ink has been sacrificed over the new machines and their problems. all machines and methods have their drawbacks, but (to me) establishing a new system with no means of correction (and in most cases) with a lack of a paper-trail verification is utterly irresponsible. actually, i would go so far as to say that replacing the old system with such a new system not only invites fraud but seems to be created for fraud. why would there be for an electronic system without verification. take purposeful fraud out of the equation. what other reason would anyone give for such a system? one missing the basic review of integrity?

i can't come up with a reason.