Thursday, October 19, 2006

One-Day Iraq Toll Is Highest for U.S. In Many Months -

Last summer was bad enough, and now we're at 43% above those numbers. October is proving the one of the most deadly month in the histroy of the war. 10 soldiers died Tuesday. That makes 70 in 17 days.

We sometimes tend to overlook the Iraqi dead. it's easy to think less seriously about them because 'they're killing themselves'...or 'it's not us, so it's ok'. well, that's not exactly so. the less safe they are the less interest they have in their new government. if the Iraqi government we created cannot provide them basic services and protection, then they will turn to the militias. This is what is building civil war.

Yesterday 30 bodies were found dumped around Baghdad. most all had been tortured. most with power drills to the skull, torso, and limbs. it is estimated that 90% of the iraqi's killed were done in execution style after torture. this is at a rate just under 100 a day for the nation. Pair this with the fact that the Iraqi parliment, last week, passed provisions which would severly limit the Suni's role in government. This was done over the protest of the Prime Minister. May believe this is the beginning of the end. i'm not sure. i'm just reading from people who know more than me and hoping for the best.

and on that note, anyone know where the USS Eisenhower is?

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