Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tempers flare over drilling legislation


I was in the room when this went down. They were lobbying to lift some regulation off the companies that want to drill just barely off the beaches on our coast for Natural Gas. Everyone was pretty skeptical on this one (it removes some oversight in the operations). well, anyway, there were lots of questions about WHY this was necessary and some pretty lame answers given. so anyway, the lobbyist complains that 'the media' has stirred all the trouble up and its really not a big deal. Lobbyist Marvin L. Oxley elaborates for the Sun Herald:

"We quite frankly have not had opposition from anybody but tree huggers and Democrats," said Marvin L. Oxley, an oil and gas geologist who's helping lobby for the law changes. "Don't use that, say, 'environmentalists.' By Democrats, I mean the blacks. Don't write blacks. Were you in the Judiciary hearing? That's most of who had questions about this."

GOD i hope i see this idiot around the Capitol again. I hope i see this jerk Marvin L. Oxley sometime soon. i'd like to commend him for "coming out".

**here's an update. Seems a few folks are trying to distance themselves from this idiot. of course, you could guess he has ties to (go to hell) Ole Miss. (go bulldogs!)

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