Friday, March 05, 2004

Sept. 11 and Nov. 2

I guess bush doesn't get it. its not OK to ride your campaign into November on the graves of the 9-11 victims. The GOP convention is late to build around 9-11, and now Bush just started running ads featuring 9-11 footage prominately. Who could possibly think it was OK to run self promoting ads featuring rescue workers removing BODIES from ground zero? Our national tradgedy is NOT the President's ad material. Campaign ads are, by nature, self-promotion. This is truly shameful.

While Kerry hasn't commented, his staff has been working the story. most noteworthy is a 2002 comment by the president stating: "I have no ambition whatsoever to use this as a political issue." the President's campaign responded:

"Are we on the Democrats' issue of health care, or are we on the Republican issue of national security?" said one Republican official with ties to the campaign. "On Wednesday we rolled out the spot — we changed the tone fundamentally. They missed the opportunity to tell the American people what the campaign is about. This is how the president has framed the question before the American people."

One has to wonder if its going THAT well for them. i for one don't care for the tone to which they fundamentally changed this campaign. Despite this, i am not suprised. this campaign will only work for Bush if its about diversion (iraq, gay marriage amendment, etc) or "Not Me" in "who's fault is it that every sector in this nation is in trouble? NOT ME! (bush cries). One has to wonder if the News Media would take this very well. With so many based out of New York, this really strikes a nerve.

The real 9-11 ad won't air. it shows Bush ignoring the Taliban to fight a vendetta in Iraq and Cheney with his head under the covers in an 'undisclosed location'...hiding from his role in 'operation ignore' (see al franken).

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