Tuesday, August 12, 2003


haw! seems now that fox news is trying to sue Al Franken (see below), Amazon.com got a 754% jump in orders for the book! i'm buying the book, but i'm buying it on CD, bc its just funnier to hear his voice read it. that's how i 'read' his other books. (Recommended!)

fromt the washington post:

In its court papers, Fox described the author and liberal commentator as "neither a journalist nor a television news personality. He is not a well-respected voice in American politics; rather, he appears to be shrill and unstable. His views lack any serious depth or insight."

Fox alleged that Franken was "either intoxicated or deranged" when he attacked the network and conservative host Bill O'Reilly at an April press correspondents dinner. The lawsuit also says that Franken has been described as "increasingly unfunny."
um, i saw the tape of the dinner in april. the claim is BS. they may not have liked what he said, but he wasn't beyond his faculties AT ALL. HAW! oh, and speaking as an attorney, i think they made themselves look decidedly weak with this pathetic pleading.

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