Tuesday, August 12, 2003

"After all is said and done
I gotta move, while it's still fun
I'm gonna walk before they make me run"
Before They Make Me Run--Kieth Richards.

That is my favorite Rolling Stones song.

I just left my job. I am no longer working as an attorney at Stevens & Ward, P.A. my last blog entry was done on the day before i left, if you were wondering where i've been. where i've been is busy. through the help of friends, associates, and by some of my own doing i have a new job. I'm now an attorney working on behalf of the Democratic Party here in MS. I'm still handling a few workers comp cases too.

My job (the short of it) is to keep things like Fla. 2000 from happening here. The long of it is that I'm director of an operation to have a network of attorneys across the state, ready to act on any irregularities or voter intimidation that may be going on. i put together the attorneys with the proper pleadings in-hand so that they can take any judicial action necessary at a moment's notice. We do this because there is no real governmental means to FIX problems that develop on the fly...especially of the illegal variety. usually action comes too late to have an effect. my job is to make sure all votes that are meant to be made are cast and counted. the working title is Promote and Protect (the vote). i don't like it, but i've yet to brainstorm up another, better title.

As of now, the pay is good and i'm working this into a few bigger projects for myself in the Mississippi legal and political communities. I have a LOT on my plate right now, but (as Federica pointed out) in many ways i feel like i have a great weight off my shoulders. I'm pretty damn thrilled now about the whole thing. The next few days are gonna be split between setting up the home office and doing my work. feels damn cool.

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