Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quick Update: Glass Half Full or Empty Edition

You may recall below that I predicted Obama to carry Nevada. Well, he didn't...and he did.

see, the delegates for each caucus site was predetermined, soooo...that means if the turnout was really high or low in a particular spot, it didn't matter because the winner took the delegates assigned, regardless of the number of caucus goes there.

What this means is that Obama DID win the state, in that he got the most Delegates out of Nevada, committed to vote for him in the grand total, state by state. However, the problem here is that Hillary got more PEOPLE to vote for her. their vote just didn't count as much, it seems. What really determines the winners here is just who gets the best press out of Nevada. So far, i cannot tell. maybe it is even.

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brd said...

Hm.m.m. Shades of the electoral college. If only they had found a way to work in some hanging chads!