Sunday, September 17, 2006

The WORST Football EVER?

My two (terrible) teams happened to play each other this weekend. The result?

Tulane 32
Miss. State 29

That, however, is not the big deal. what IS the big deal is that my two damn teams are the WORST in all football. just what do i mean? going into this weekend, Miss. State was ranked LAST in Offense in all Division 1 college football. How can Tulane possible counter that? by being LAST in Defense, of course! Good lord, why do i have to cheer for the actual WORST teams in the game?

Speaking of usual worst's, The New Orleans Saints beat the Green Bay Packers 34-27 making them 'undefeated' 2 weeks into the season. We beat the Falcons next week and we're No. 1 in the NFC South.

ok. enough football.

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Swirly n DC said...

It could be could ALSO BE A NY JETS FAN and fail to make a heroic comeback against the Pats yesterday....oh, and you could be a life long Houston Astros fan...

and do you even remember the Rockey Felker years?