Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Mayor has a Goon Squad. What does YOURS Have?

My mayor travels around in a police mobile command center. he brings 'at risk' street kids, 17-22 years old, with him too. last week they beat up a man that owns a night club that has been targeted by the mayor as one of his enemies. THIS week, he got his goons to destroy someone's house. click and read about the pride of Jackson, MS.

click here and then here.

know what's the worst part? our Mayor and some thugs tear up a house and it doesn't hit the TV news or the Clarion Ledger until a WEEK later.


brd said...

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

teahouse said...

Yeah, that's just bizarre!! How long has this guy been mayor?

Dr. Geekos said...

Why don't you cover the CIA Prisons - Affair ?

I mean at leasst Bush admitted that there were and that there are still such CIA-Prisons where people are possibly tortured in the name of "freedom". This makes me sooo sick the US lost all it's credibility for me.

I think that is much more important than this "Goon Squad" - Stuff.

Polly said...

well, the problem is that this stuff with the mayor haens down the street from me.!