Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So, Was it Deliberate?

The Israeli Military killed 2 UN observers this week when it attacked a UN outpost. tensions were escalated when Israel claimed that the observers must have "got caught in the middle" of a gunfight. This angered UN secretary general Kofi Annan who called the attack "apparently deliberate". The issue that has the UN upset is that this particular outpost location was designated with the help of the israeli's. evidently its location was decided because of talks witht he very israeli military that bombed it. My feelings are that Annan's statements come after Israel had claimed no resposibility for the attack, even as an inadvertent mistake, and then blamed Hezbollah for the incident. I'm deeply concerned by all this, if anything, because of Annan's own proclivity NOT to overreact.

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heisenberg said...

Well mistakes happen. Remember the Liberty. All a mistake.